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Originally created for an exhibition entitled Regeneration.


Tree blossoms have always captivated me with their sudden spectacular appearance, both bold and beautiful, yet fragile and fleeting. A brief joyful moment. I especially love the Magnolia that transforms from bare branch to blossom filled beauty seemingly overnight. Taking inspiration from their ephemeral yet exuberant nature, I have tried to capture their joyfulness as a symbol of Regeneration.


Each Flower is made from two layers of copper that have been cut, shaped and finished by hand. The petal layers are free to move independently around the central wire, giving them a lovely lively movement.


The three blossoms are hung between pink porcelain beads that enhance the soft warm tones of the copper.


Every flower and every necklace are individually handmade, so no two are exactly the same. The necklace you receive will be unique and vary slightly from those in the photographs.


Special requests and commissions are welcome.


Prices for a similar necklace in silver on request.

Bloomin’ Beautiful - Copper & Porcelain Bead Necklace

SKU: Blossom I
    • Copper

    • Porcelain beads - 8mm

    • Leather with handmade copper s hook clasp

    • Flowers Approx. 60 - 65mm x 60 - 65mm 

    • Necklace length (in photo) 21 inches

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