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Jewellery Care

All Donna Burns Jewellery products are handcrafted with care and designed to last a life time. With a little care you can keep your sterling silver pieces looking beautiful.

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Over time, the finish of your jewellery will change and become personal to you. With wear and contact with your skin, clothes, and the environment, the finish will change and shine will become patinated. Silver naturally darkens with age and takes on a character of its own, which adds a unique charm to your piece. However, the following advice can help to avoid unnecessary tarnishing:


Make sure you remove jewellery when you shower or bathe, and particularly when you swim in the sea or in chlorinated water as this can easily tarnish silver.

It is recommended to avoid directly exposing your jewellery to perfumes and creams, lotions and potions.

Avoid any contact with bleach or other harsh chemicals.



Gently clean with a silver polishing cloth - these can be added to your order for £1 at checkout.

Or gently clean with a soft toothbrush (baby toothbrushes are perfect) and a weak solution of washing up liquid. Rinse well with warm water and ensure that the piece is thoroughly dry, with a soft cloth or hair dryer before storing it away.  Take care not to use any abrasive cloths or brushes as this will scratch the surface. Silver will stay at its best when it is worn regularly. 

A silver dip can be bought and used, but take care to read the instructions carefully and use protective gloves - the chemicals used are harsh, only use in a well ventilated area.



Oxidisation will wear over time and start to revert to its natural silver finish. When cleaning be careful to avoid scratching or rubbing the jewellery with abrasive surfaces as this will damage the finish. Wash in warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth or hair dryer, ensuring it is thoroughly dry before storing it away. If you need the oxidisation reapplying, please get in touch.

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