Donna Burns full face at the bench b&w.j

Jewellery artist, sculptor and fledgling researcher, based in Cornwall, UK

I am a jewellery artist and fledgling researcher, whose main interest is exploring the relationship between line, form and the body. I use layers and lines to build sculptural pieces in various scales, from silver jewellery to the occasional large sculpture.


I enjoy the transformation of line that occurs with each stage of the making process, whether translating designs in 3D CAD software or capturing soft fluid materials by casting them in metal. I create my work using a combination of traditional jewellery making skills and modern techniques, with a few processes borrowed from glass casting for good measure. 


I take my inspiration from many sources, including architecture, fashion and nature. I am drawn to flowing lines, sweeping arches and repeating patterns that create movement through repetition. The common thread is the act of looking through: framed views, doors, arches and windows, layers and materials that simultaneously reveal and conceal such as lace and netting. My current work explores the gaze in relation to the female body, the role adornment plays in attraction and our desire to be seen. 


I am fascinated by jewellery’s ability to express ideas and concepts, tell a story or become part of a person’s identity. Jewellery plays a fundamental role in our lives, as a keepsake, good luck charm, or expression of love. I began to research the theories behind jewellery during my undergraduate study, which consequently became the focus of my dissertation. I aim to continue this research in my next journey as a postgraduate student at Plymouth College of Art.


When not studying, I can be found in my home studio in Cornwall, where I make small scale sculptural jewellery pieces. Predominantly crafted in silver, my current collection offers the ability to wear fragments that echo the statement pieces designed for my final degree collection.