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Blossom Necklace Detail

Regeneration Exhibition

Terra Mater Art - group show

A celebration of the regenerative power of spring and new life. The pieces were created using repurposed copper, porcelain beads and small elements of recycled silver. Taking inspiration from the ephemeral yet exuberant nature of tree blossom, I have tried to capture their joyfulness as a symbol of Regeneration.

Shale brooch Strata exhibition. A black brooch made from layers of rubber in jagged shapes  inspired by shale. The brooch is on an off-white background

Strata Exhibition

Terra Mater Art - group show

A visual response led by material experimentation. Pieces created using recycled rubber, reused copper and small elements of silver. The colour and textures of the rubber are reminiscent of rock strata, exposed layers and worn smooth surfaces.

A black and white image of Flow II a silver statement necklace made from leaf like open shapes that fan out. The silver is hung on quartz beads and sits on a glass shelf

Degrees Exhibition

Terra Mater Art - group show

Jewellery pieces created in response to climate issues, focusing on the two degree rise in global temperature we need to avoid. All the pieces focus on water, or the impact of it. Water is a beautiful, powerful element, not to be underestimated.

A collection of open shape silver and brass pieces laid out to form and organic leaf like shape. The pieces lie on a white background.

Fragmented Beauty

3rd year final major project - 2020

A glimpse into the development of my final major project Fragmented Beauty. Work based around the idea that the modern ideal of female beauty is viewed and created in fragmented parts, the body as a collection of objects rather than a whole person.

A black and white photo of an open shape lattice stucture  held against a young woman's throat to resemble a choker necklace

Material exploration

3rd year brief - 2019/2020

A project of experimental making that sprang from a visit to The Elizabethan House on The Barbican, the historical heart of Plymouth. Exploring fragmented views and forms that simultaneously reveal and conceal. 

Pom pom jewellery in the making. A silver hoop earring with three coloured pom poms attached, orange, blue and yellow. The images show the earring in progress on a wooden bench top.

Pompom collection

2nd year brief - 2019

A collection of pom pom jewellery based on the earlier Joy designs. Developed and made by the jewellery cohort to exhibit and sell at the Bovey Tracey Craft Festival. The collection was available for sale at The Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery in Plymouth.

A CAD image of a 60mm circle brooch with coloured balls inside the circle frame. The image is shown fron the front perspective.


2nd year brief - 2018

Jewellery designs created for an in class brief to produce saleable items for the Bovey Tracey Craft Festival. Inspired by moments of joy and pops of colour.

A black and white image of a domed heart shape with a keyhole cut out. The keyhole shows a section of a photograph. The heart shape is set on a winged back piece decorated with swirls.


1st year brief

1st year brief to design and make a narrative brooch. My brooch is a visual representation of my maiden name, and a little of my past.

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