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My First Giveaway

(and my first blog post!)

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the little Silver Droplet Stud Earrings

Planning the Giveaway

When I realised that the cute droplet studs had been up on my website for a year, and have definitely been my best seller in that time, I thought it would be a great time to celebrate with a giveaway. I've never run one before, but have been toying with the idea for a while.

I pondered the best way to run the giveaway simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook, and then it dawned on me that I could encourage people to sign up to my mailing list and have all entrants in one place. As growing my mailing list is one of my business goals for this year, it seemed like a win win.

As an added bonus - anyone who signs up automatically gets a 10% discount code for my shop.


I spent time reading the regulations around giveaways especially the UK CAP Code and some helpful dos and don'ts from other bloggers. Unfortunately, I decided it was best to restrict entrants to people living in the UK, to avoid postage, any unexpected import tax for the winner, and falling foul of non-UK rules that I didn't know about. Then finally launching the giveaway on 9th July. I gave it a time frame of two weeks rather then let it drag on forever, the deadline and draw were set for Saturday 23rd July.

The winner of the giveaway would win a pair of my droplet stud earrings in the finish of their choice: shiny or oxidised silver.

The Draw

While the giveaway was running, we had some truly fabulous sunny weather in Cornwall (as did the rest of the UK, including a mini heatwave), and I had some ideas to do the competition draw on the beach or in some lovely scenic spot. As it turned out, it rained all that day... so plan B was born, a quick dash outside and draw the name from a top hat.

My son inexplicably asked for a top hat last Christmas, so we happened to have one in the house! Ha ha 😂 .

I wrote the names of all my subscribers on separate pieces of paper, folded them up and popped them in the hat.

I had two helpers for the draw, my husband was the camera man, and my son delved into the hat and pulled the winning name out - my impartial assistant. You can see him pass the chosen paper in the video below. I unfolded it off camera, to avoid showing any personal information, and revealed just the name of the winner - Janice.


Congratulations Janice 🥳


Thank you

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and subscribed to my mailing list. Thanks also to the people who shared the competition on social media and cheered me on, I really appreciate your support.

I'm sure I'll run a giveaway to celebrate another milestone in the future, for now I'm just

happy that this first one worked and we have a winner 😄


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